Why Cement Coatings Work So Well

Cement Coatings

Cement mortar linings have been the preferred method of lining tanks and pipe since the early 1900’s and is the most common lining practice used in North America today. Cement linings create an excellent corrosion resistant lining for many reasons. The main factor is that high density cement linings have an extremely low absorbtion rate preventing the constant flow and oxygen to the substrate, preventing the surface from corrosion. It can also be easily repaired with minimum preparation or long periods of downtime.

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Anodes and How They Work

Anodes and How They Wor

Many of the large domestic water storage tanks today have cement coatings thus eliminating the problem of internal rust. Some areas of the tank cannot be protected by the lining due to the necessity of water flow i.e. couplings, inlets, outlets, etc. Therefore many tank manufacturers initially supply anode protection provided by the insertion of special tank anodes c/w end mounting brackets suitable for either bolting or welding directly to the inside walls below the water level.

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Importance of CSA/NSF-61 Certification

CSA/NSF-61 Certification

Cities and purchasers across North America require their cement mortar watermain and tank linings to be CSA / NSF-61 certified as it's the only way to ensure the raw materials are safe and have been properly tested against radionuclides and other naturally occurring volatile organic compounds. Using a product that has been tested by CSA / NSF is the only way to ensure harmful contaminants are not leaching into our drinking water systems.

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