Alkrete Potable Tank Lining

Why Alkrete is #1

“Alkrete” Aluminate Cement Lining was developed by the Arthur S. Leitch Company in 1962 specifically designed for potable hot and cold water storage tanks. With assistance from North Americas largest cement supplier “The Lafarge Group”, Lafarge’s most recognized engineer and source of technical information was enlisted to research and develop a potable lining material that would offer both, long-term protection for steel surfaces against corrosion and be suitable for hand application. End result was a high performance lining that could bond to steel surfaces at the necessary thickness, offering corrosion protection and prevention of premature lining failure. Since its development, over 40 years ago, thousands of applications for both new and mature tanks have afforded Alkrete with an outstanding track record. 

Originally certified by The Warnock Hersey Company, Alkrete has since been certified to CSA, NSF/ANSI 61 specifications for potable water use. The CSA group originated in 1919 and has since become one of the worlds most trusted agencies for certifications and standards. To support North Americas growing appetite for certification services, CSA’s water products testing laboratory in Toronto, Canada tests to key water quality standards including those of the American National Standards Institute and NSF International.

Today, HydraStone Inc. manufactures Alkrete here in Ontario and distributes the Alkrete tank lining product to tank manufacturers and specialty lining applicators throughout North America.