Project Gallery

A look inside some of the tanks we’ve serviced and some of the problems we face.


Section of the tank lining. New Domestic Hot Water Tank. Damaged Alkrete Lining Corrosion in heating bundle. Severely damaged cement lined tank. Severely corroded heater nozzle assembly. Cement wash over
Domestic Hot Water Tank in need of relining. Newly Relined Domestic Hot Water Tank Domestic Hot Water Tank Alkrete Lining HydraStone applicator Removing old cement liner Fabricated large domestic hot water storage tank
Severely corroded and leaking Manway Removal of Old, leaking Domestic Hot Water tank Vertical domestic hot water storage tanks Corroded domestic hot water storage tank New lining installed 20,000 gallon Fire Water Tank Severely corroded Heater Nozzle
Bottom of tank severely corroded Hot Water Tank replaced due to corrosion Anodes being replaced Many years of corrosion Corroding wire mesh pushing through cement lining Domestic Hot Water Tank after being cleaned Common Horizontal Domestic Hot Water tank