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It’s nearly impossible to tell the condition of your tank from the outside. Before you know it, problems can go from bad to worse, producing costly results. Thankfully, HydraStone offers a comprehensive program for preventative maintenance. Through scheduled checks, we’ll keep a close eye on the progression of your tank(s), and alert you of any problems – before they become serious. It’s the best way to keep repair costs low and the quality of your water high.


HydraStone has been completing on-site tank inspections and Alkrete tank-linings across Canada since 1993. HydraStone is a North American manufacturer/distributor of high quality magnesium anodes rods and the "Alkrete" Potable Tank Lining material. We are proud to be able to say that we install more anodes and complete more tank linings/inspections than any other company in North America. HydraStone has several, full time crews available 24-7, completing hundreds of tank inspections per year. Bottom-line is... you always save money when you buy direct from the manufacturer and no one else knows the product better.


In this business experience is key and each of our crews has a minimum of 7-years experience lining and inspecting tanks either on location or for the tank manufacturer. Our most experienced tank liner; nicknamed the "Forefather of Tank Lining", originally introduced this form of lining to Ontario and has been lining tanks since the early 60's. Now at over 74 years of age, we are proud to say that virtually all tank liners in Canada, have in some way, been trained by HydraStone.


Since opening our doors in 1993, HydraStone Inc. has taken tank-lining to the next level, by introducing magnesium anodes and having our "Alkrete" tank lining product, with an already 40+ year history, tested & certified by CSA/NSF-61 for potable water applications.


Our preventative maintenance program will:


  • • Locate problems before they become serious
  • • Dramatically increase tank life expectancy
  • • Prevent and reduce unplanned downtime
  • • Automatically extend your protective coating warranty (if installed by HydraStone)


HydraStone’s objective is to ensure the long lasting life of your water storage tank by completing regular preventative maintenance inspections and cleanings. The average DHW storage tank should be inspected every 3-5 years. If a tank has not been placed on a maintenance schedule and has been left unattended for several years, small undetected problems can become more severe. In this case weld repairs or tank replacement may be our only option. HydraStone is a full service company and we believe we are the best at what we do. It only makes sense that we aligned ourselves with other best-in-field professionals, including the most knowledgeable and respected NDT-certified inspectors, weld repair companies, engineering firms and tank manufacturing companies in Canada. Call HydraStone and we can assist you with all of your tank maintenance needs.  


Tank Replacement Parts


Tank Replacement PartsHydraStone goes beyond protective coatings. To better serve our clients we have aligned ourselves with manufacturers of tanks and associated accessories including heating bundles & assemblies, man way covers, gaskets, anodes and others needed to return a tank back into proper working condition.


Tank Inspections, Cleaning & Preventive Maintenance


Tank InspectionsSince it’s nearly impossible to tell the condition of a tank from the outside we schedule regular maintenance inspections. We’ll keep a close eye on the progression of your tanks and alert you of any problems before they become serious.


Complete Tank Replacement


Complete Tank ReplacementIf the Tank is beyond repair or a new system is required we can remove the existing tanks by cutting the tank into smaller sections if necessary. A new tank can be installed or fabricated on site, lined and put back into service with minimal downtime.


Weld Repairs – Pressure Vessel Welding


Weld Repairs Working with hundreds of tanks yearly we frequently come across tanks in need of weld repairs due to corroded or leaking bushings, couplings / connections, heater nozzle assemblies, man way rings or tank substrate. In most cases the tank can be weld repaired by a certified pressure vessel welder preventing costly tank replacement.


Over time, all tanks corrode and require repair. It's inevitable. What we do is minimize the impact of a failing tank through regular inspection, light repairs and relining the tank. This way, we can effectively protect and extend the life of your tank for fractions of the cost to replace it. The bulk of our tanks are lined with the Alkrete Lining System.

Monday | A corroded and pitted Domestic Hot Water Storage Tank. If the corrosive action had continued, the tank would soon have required costly replacement.

Tuesday | The finished product. An ALKRETE lining was applied and further corrosion has been stopped. The tank was relined on site, and put back into service within 30 hours.

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